Mystery of Matter Video Library Now Open!

The Mystery of Matter Video Library is a collection of freestanding videos about different aspects of the story of the search for the elements. The videos, most of them 4-12 minutes long, draw on the interviews, re-enactments, animations and photographs we shot and collected for the PBS series, with supplementary animations and images as needed. When complete, the library will include 36 videos comprising about six hours of additional chemistry programming beyond the broadcast series. There will be 24 “teacher videos” covering key chemical concepts like the Periodic Table, the structure of the atom and the Conservation of Matter in more detail than we had time for in the TV series. The remaining 12 videos will be “general interest” pieces that do not address key chemistry concepts but may still be of interest to teachers of chemistry (and other subjects), because they show chemistry at work in social and historical context. To access the Video Library, go to our website at and click on For Teachers. About a dozen of the videos are still in production, so check back each week for the latest videos to be added to the library.

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