Attention Teachers: May 4 Webinar on Mystery of Matter Educational Materials
In a two-part webinar, producer Stephen Lyons first gives a guided tour of the Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements website, revealing all the free educational resources developed for the three-hour, Emmy Award-winning PBS chemistry series, including a Teacher’s Guide, 60 short film clips lifted from the series, and 32 short videos comprising more than five hours of additional chemistry programming, touching on a range of topics related to the chemistry curriculum. (The Teacher’s Guide includes alignments with the NRC’s National Science Education Standards and with the Next Generation Science Standards.) Then high school chemistry & physics teacher Sue Klemmer shares ways to use the Mystery of Matter resources in self-paced and whole-class instruction to meet national and local science education standards. Hosted by the American Association of Chemistry Teachers, the one-hour webinar takes place from 7-8 pm eastern time on Thursday, May 4, 2017. You can join us live or, if you miss it, check out the archived webinar at the link below: