Many of you have asked. Now we can answer: The Mystery of Matter Teacher's Guide is now up at our website at the link below.

Developed by the Education Development Center, the guide is designed to help teachers make use of the three-hour PBS series in the high school science classroom. (Middle school and college teachers may find it useful too.) For each of the series' six major sections, the Teacher’s Guide includes a full script, annotated with: Stop & Think Questions for teachers to pose to their students; sidebars on Everyday Applications of the chemistry being covered; Notes from the Field with examples of ways to incorporate the program into your teaching; and Margin Notes showing where in each section chemistry concepts are explored.

The guide also includes a Glossary of chemical terms, a list of web-based and hands-on Activity Ideas for students; a list of Web Resources for learning more, and alignments with both the National Research Council’s National Science Education Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Please try it out -- and let us know what you think!