Other Project Components

In addition to the television series, the Mystery of Matter project includes these other components: 
  • An extensive Web site on the Periodic Table and the discovery of the elements.
  • A Teacher’s Edition & Guide, designed to help teachers convey the fundamental ideas of chemistry in engaging ways: through the fascinating stories of the men and women who discovered them. 
  • A set of 12 Educational Web Videos, made expressly for chemistry teachers from material shot for the television series. Topics include the Periodic Table, the structure of the atom and the Conservation of Matter. 
  • And an Outreach Plan that extends the project's impact by allowing members of the public to learn about basic concepts of matter in entertaining ways at science centers and other venues. 
Michael Aronov as Dmitri Mendeleev
Photo: Jeffrey Dunn


  1. Watched last night's episode. Very interesting! I'm looking for the additional components you describe. Are links available?

  2. looking for the names of the authors that commented on the featured scientists