Mystery of Matter Now Streaming at PBS

With last night's national broadcast behind us, PBS has made all three hours of The Mystery of Matter available to view at our PBS website. If you missed the Aug. 19 broadcast or can't wait for your local PBS station to air the series, go to and click on the video windows labeled Full Episode.

After you watch, come back here or go to our Facebook page ( to leave a comment. Tell us what you like – or don't like – about the program. Your comments may help us persuade PBS stations to rebroadcast the series, convince foreign broadcasters to air it overseas, and raise funds for more programs like it.

To get you thinking, check out this thoughtful appreciation from today's Forbes Magazine website:

Still curious? Visit the official Mystery of Matter project website at
for biographies of the seven scientists, bonus videos, educational materials and more. The site is still under construction, so keep coming back each week to discover new features.


  1. I got goose bumps and actually cried when I saw Mandalay figure out the periodic table. I've watched hundreds if not a thousand documentaries, and this series was without a doubt the most enlightening and finely done. I beg pbs to continue the story, and make more documentaries on the subject!

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