Boston Premiere Tonight!

Tonight viewers in Boston get their first chance to see a series made in Massachusetts. The Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements has its prime time premiere Wednesday, August 26, from 8-11 pm, on WGBH/Boston and WENH/Durham, New Hampshire.

Except for the Marie Curie scenes, which were shot in New York, all the other dramatic scenes were shot in and around Boston. Most of the crew members are from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and other parts of southern New England. And except for our host and the seven principal actors, most of the other cast members are from New England too. 

At the end of each hour, the credits fly by so fast it's almost impossible to read them. But if you're curious about who made the series, or who played your favorite character, go to There you'll find a complete credit list of all the cast and crew members. Leave a comment telling what you think of the series. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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